Connecting Veterans with Franchise Business Opportunities

"49.7% of WWII veterans became entrepreneurs compared to
only 4.5% of Post 9/11 veterans that became entrepreneurs."

We have a mission to alter this statistic and to educate entrepreneurial minded veterans about the opportunities and possibilities of franchise business ownership.

Entrepreneurial veterans are a great match for franchise businesses because the skills of leadership, teamwork, strong work ethic, and ability to execute a plan are the same skills that make for a successful franchise business owner.

Franchise business opportunities are a great match for entrepreneurial veterans because the vast resources, proven business success, standard operating procedures, and franchisor support reduce the risk of failure and improves the probability of success in business ownership.

As franchise brokers, we connect this perfect match of veteran skills and franchise business benefits based on our 20 years of experience as veterans, business coaches and entrepreneurs.

Weisul, K. "Where are all the Missing Veteran-Owned Businesses." Inc. Oct. 2016.

Free Franchise Consultation

Research isn’t enough.  You have to have the right research and know how to examine that research in order to make the best decision. Veterans Franchise Group will help you do that.

A few advantages of using our services:
  • -Insider Information - access to non public data
  • -Cut down on research time
  • -Franchise comparisons and reports
  • -Working with us is FREE to you!


Explore a proven portfolio of over 500 franchises...

Restaurants are not the only type of franchises, which I thought when I got out of the Navy.  

Although we have access to over 500 franchises, we focus and know that veterans are a perfect match for service based, business to business (B2B), home based franchises based on their lower initial investment and overall match of veterans' skills.

Before starting your own business, it is extremely important to take an organized approach and align yourself with professionals that are experts in the businesses and industries they present.


Gilbert Saguid

Navy Surface Warfare Officer & Enlisted Nuke Machinist Mate Veteran

Master of Business for Veterans (MBV), University of Southern California

Franchise Brokers Association (FBA)

Following the Navy, I successfully climbed the corporate ladder, achieved success as an entrepreneur, and now mentor veterans in discovering their path to business ownership through franchise businesses.