Franchise Discovery  






Step 1 - Meet with a Broker 

We discuss the type of business you are interested in and your background, goals, passion, & strengths.

Step 2 - Funding 

Discover your financial options and begin the process of funding.

Step 3 - Presentation 

Compare the selected franchises and their history, background, and pros / cons.

Step 4 - Research 

Review the different franchise options using the tools, documents and your broker’s guidance.

Step 5 - Franchisor Intro

Meet with each selected franchise to learn more about the business.

Step 6 - Due Dilligence 

Conduct validation meetings with existing franchisees and review the franchise legal document (FDD).

Step 7 - Discovery Day 

Meet the franchisors in person for a day in the life experience and in-depth review of the business.

Step 8 - Franchise Owner 

Franchise is approved, funding is complete, and contracts are signed.  Congratulations!